Mastermind Analytic Platform

Realtime Thermal and Sensor Fusion Analysis

Monitoring and Data Integration

MasterMind utilizes military-grade thermal imaging and analysis to collect, share, and store data. MasterMind records frame-by-frame thermographic and radiometric data allowing for multiple and precise measurements. These measurements are stored in a database for real-time analysis as well as historical analysis.

Every MasterMind installation is custom designed to monitor your most critical apparatus, making it easy to recognize any abnormalities. With retrospective data it reduces false-positive readings saving time and money.


Automatic Monitoring with Alert Notifications

How it Works

Multiple Location Monitoring

Multiple measurement points may be assigned within each scene. Drawing tools allow you to monitor any unique device or spot. Each drawing you create is then continuously measured and recorded. The recordings capture minimum, average, and maximum values, making it simple to review and analyze real-time and retrospective data.

Intuitive Graphic Interface

Vital information for each data point can be viewed in either a tabular or graphic form. Day trends automatically calculated and stored.

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