Thermal Monitoring

Fixed-Mount Dual Vision Thermal Networking Camera

Designed for 24/7 monitoring of all your critical equipment and other valuable assets. It helps you see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime, and enhancing worker safety. Ideal for Process Control and Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Condition Monitoring, and Early Fire Detection.


  • Multi-zone temperature measurement areas
  • Independent temperature measurement on the front-end platform
  • Supports Early Fire Detection and Intrusion Alarms
  • IP66 housing protects cameras from heat, cold, dusty, or wet environments

Indoor, Outdoor, Above Ground or Even Below Ground.

Available with a Variety of Resolutions and Focal Lengths

Thermal Imaging Sensors

  • Built for rugged environments
  • Local or host-based measurements
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Hands-free operation
  • Enterprise-Scale Data Acquisition