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Enhancing reliability for power grid and transportation providers through real-time analytics and scalable, secure monitoring.

Power Intelligence provides real-time remote thermal analytics, critical asset imaging, and  continuous monitoring solutions for utilities, oil and gas, and transportation systems. Our fully customizable solutions capture, analyze and deliver actionable information to your team of decision-makers in time to make a difference.

With over 30-years of experience of software and hardware development for the utilities industry and U.S. Department of Defense, we bring together proprietary measurement and algorithms that provide a reliable, enterprise-wide, fully-automated solution for critical infrastructure. Be it monitoring for electrical substations, nuclear generation plants, or underground control systems, we give coverage when reliability is paramount.

We don’t take a day off. Ever.

Our solution is always ready, always on and always protecting your bottom line.

Whether you are a data center, fossil plant, nuclear plant, power station, airport, sports venue or steel mill, our dynamic, affordable solutions protect your reliability. Our suite of patented, end-to-end thermal condition monitoring systems manage and analyze disparate data, saving our customers time and money.

Bringing clarity to complex systems

To better protect your assets, our advanced end-to-end thermal technologies manage distinctive data from various devices.

Our proprietary, patented systems marry cutting-edge radiometric infrared imaging and geospatial sensor-fusion signal processing with a proprietary data analytics interface that delivers continuous thermal monitoring at high-profile infrastructure sites.  

Your facility is unique, so are our solutions.

Monitoring and analyzing every one of your critical systems continuously is at the heart of what we do. We connect to, monitor and report on your facility across the enterprise, meaning your team gets advanced notice of potential failure and what needs to be done to avoid outage and danger in real time. 

Completely customized for your facility, we install quickly with ease, affordability, and efficiency with your employees and your facility in mind. With no down-time required and using your current processes, we work with our clients to design a streamlined response system and intervention techniques that ensure minimal service interruptions should a Critical System Change Alert Take Place.

  • Fast, non-invasive installations
  • Improved Security
  • Real-Time 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated condition monitoring at the enterprise level
  • Patented Technology

The bottom line: Patented analytics for interpretation of radiometric IR imagery and geospatial sensor fusion signal processing that enhances security and enables reliability for mission-critical monitoring situations

Installations within major mission-critical infrastructures - nuclear, financial, industrial, and more.

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