Pole-Mounted Rapid Sensor Deployment

Non-Invasive All-Weather Remote Sensing Platform - PoleVault

Faster Installation with Less Risk

The PoleVault rapid deployment, high reliability all-weather remote sensing platform is unlike conventional sensor deployment methods. This patent-pending approach is non-invasive plus the fastest way to install an asset monitoring system. PoleVault comes with a proprietary sensor interface featuring intelligent device power management, local and back-haul wired or wireless communications, autonomous multi-protocol data acquisition, and signal processing. Allowing remote sensing of intrusion detection to critical asset condition monitoring. Explicitly designed for multiple sensors and a variety of communication technologies.

PoleVault attaches in minutes to any Class-6 utility pole or static mast. Installation and commissioning may be accomplished in a fraction of the time required by traditional on-site assembly methods, reducing exposure risk to personnel, delivering lower overall deployment cost, improved serviceability, and greater long-term reliability. Typical installation time is 1 hour.


Our patented Pole Vault allows a "no outage required" installation.

Rapid Deployment - Rugged and Scalable

Remote Sensing Platform

  • All-weather
  • Customize sensor payloads
  • Analog, Digital, IP, Direct Power or POE
  • Instant wireless connectivity
  • Lowers cost while reduces risk
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