PowerShot: Ballistic Impact Detection for Substations

Protect Substation Assets from High-Powered Rifle Attacks with PowerShot

Prevent catastrophic failures and lengthy outages with PowerShot ballistic impact detection technology. 

Real-time detection and notification allows utilities the time needed to respond to attacks and de-energize compromised assets before catastrophic failure occurs. 

With the rise in threats against electrical substations, incorporating advanced security solutions such as the PowerShot Ballistic Impact Detector is critical for adhering to the regulatory standards set by NERC and FERC, following a series of attacks on electrical substations. PowerShot boosts physical security protocols by immediately detecting and alerting on ballistic impacts, thus enabling prompt reactions to potential security breaches. This technology enables utilities to become compliant with NERC CIP-014-3 and FERC Rule 802.

With the introduction of PowerShot, Power Intelligence LLC has leveraged our expertise in microelectronic sensor and embedded signal processing technology to produce a simple and affordable method for real-time detection of ballistic assaults on substation assets. 

Full System Protection

Protect transformers, control boxes, switches, circuit breakers and control house structures

Easy, Rapid Deployment

Easily deploys in minutes onto substation assets with built-in rareearth magnetic mounts

Weatherproof Installation

Easily connect multiple PowerShot sensors via daisy-chain NMEA2000 weatherproof cabling

Built for Modern Connections

Easily integrate with SCADA or VMS via LAN, cellular or satellite networks

Intelligent Ballistic Shot Detection

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 7.17.25 AM
These charts depict sensor data captured by PowerShot’s 3-axis micro-accelerometer for 3 different weapons and calibres of ammunition. PowerShot’s onboard microprocessor analyzes this data to dscriminate between routine operational vibrations and the disctinct signal pattern that characterizes ballistic impacts.

Features & Specifications

PowerShot combines several key technologies to create an affordable yet robust solution to the growing problem of physical attacks on critical power delivery infrastructure.

PowerShot employs state-of-the-art 3D micro-electromechanical (MEMS) technology to continuously monitor the frequency, amplitude and direction of vibrations occurring on any surface to which it is attached. On-board analysis is performed by an embedded microprocessor that discriminates between ballistic impact events and everyday vibrations with millisecond resolution and response times.

Get PowerShot

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Why PowerShot?

The recent resurgence of armed attacks on electrical substations and transformers in particular has brought regulatory attention from FERC and DHS who recently published Order 802 and CIP-014-3, mandating physical security measures for critical power delivery assets, including protection from attacks by high-powered rifles. 

Until now, the only method of protection was to erect ballistic shields around transformers, or to replace substation chain-link fencing with bulletproof walls.

While effective, these solutions are expensive and time consuming; Ballistic shields can cost upwards of $1,000,000 often taking more than a year to deliver, and replacing chain-link fence with brick or concrete walls can be even more expensive and time-consuming.

Within seconds of a verified impact operators will be notified and may respond in time to effect repairs before the transformer bleeds out of critical dielectric oil, triggering a catastrophic failure. PowerShot alerts can also drive security cameras to automatically zoom in on the detection point to provide visual verification of the event.