Substation upgrades without the headache

When downtime is not an option

Traditional sensor installations at electrical substations and other energized sites are expensive, overly time-consuming, and pose real threats to the safety of employees and equipment. Even more frustratingly, it usually means taking a station offline to install the equipment. This perfect storm of challenges might be why there are so many substation failures in the United States every year: the barrier of entry to a well-oiled machine is just too high for many sites. 

Eliminating scheduled substation outages

Power Intelligence’s approach to site installations seeks to remove that barrier entirely. Instead of taking a site off line, putting valuable personnel in jeopardy, and spending large amounts of money on multi-person installation operations, the concept of Rapid Deployment gets a sites' remote monitoring capabilities upgraded and compliant with minimal man-hours and no scheduled downtime. 

Instead of the usual practice of assembling, debugging and testing camera and sensor systems on-site, Power Intelligences’ Rapid Deployment solutions arrive ready to install, with configuration, testing, debugging, and confirmation performed ahead of time. 

Made for your needs and your site, no matter what

We don’t think that making a systemic improvement to your operation should mean scrapping previous investments entirely. While we manufacture our own cameras and sensors, our Rapid Deployment solutions harmoniously integrate with any sensor product or measurement device already onsite, providing the only complementary sensor program for utilities available.

By designing site improvement with rapid deployment in mind, our clients are able to quickly, safely, and affordably employ variable inputs for a multi-sensory solution. And, coupled with our Predictive Maintenance and Substation Security solutions that provide sensor filtering and analytic integration, our clients are also able to eliminate false positives and false alarms down the line.


Power Intelligence offers fast, non-invasive installations, delivering automated condition monitoring at the enterprise level

The Power Intelligence System

A suite of tools that empowers reliability with data-driven monitoring

Thermal Cameras

24/7 monitoring of all your critical equipment and other valuable assets.

PoleVault Sensing System

Your streamlined, non-Invasive, all-weather remote sensing platform

Neuron Data Gateway

 Scalable, Secure Data Collection for Substation CBM Operations

MasterMind Analytics

Putting it all together: Monitoring and Data Integration