Predictive Maintenance

When failure is not an option

Traditionally, monitoring at substations, refineries, nuclear plants, and other utilities and worksites have relied on periodic measurement to assess health and plan for repairs and replacement. In between those check-ins, though, is when disaster can—and does—strike.


Our solution? Continuous, real-time thermal imaging and analysis that requires zero downtime to transition sites from reactive troubleshooting to systemic, predictive maintenance. Monitoring and analyzing every one of your critical systems continuously is at the heart of what we do. We connect to, monitor and report on your facility across the enterprise, meaning real time alerting when a problem starts.

How it Works

MONITOR: Deploy variable cameras and sensors to continuously watch your system

COLLECT: Unify data from multiple inputs

REPORT: Analyze all data continuously, learning the patterns

ALERT: When any system starts to go off track, you'll know immediately, before failure occurs

We take the results from multiple different measurement points and funnel them into one analytic interface that not only enables non-destructive testing and predictive maintenance, but EPA compliance, too. 

The Power Intelligence System

A suite of tools that empowers reliability with data-driven monitoring

RADIX Thermal Cameras

24/7 monitoring of all your critical equipment and other valuable assets.

PoleVault Sensing System

Your streamlined, non-Invasive, all-weather remote sensing platform

Neuron Data Gateway

 Scalable, Secure Data Collection for Substation CBM Operations


MasterMind Analytic Platform

Putting it all together: Monitoring and Data Integration