Predictive Maintenance

When failure is not an option

Traditional utility maintenance relies on periodic measurement and equipment assessment.

It's the in-between time when disaster can—and does—strike.

Our Solution?

Continuous, real-time imaging and analysis requiring zero downtime and that receives unlimited support.

Transform your site from reactive troubleshooting to systemic, predictive maintenance.

Keeping your critical systems online is our goal. Combining results from multiple measurement points into one analytic interface, we connect to, monitor and report on your facility across the enterprise, meaning real time alerting when a problem starts.

How it Works


Variable cameras and sensors continuously watch your system


Unify data from thermal, radar, and other inputs with sensor fusion


Continuously analyze all data, classifying objects and learning the patterns


System notification of any anomalies, errors, or other signs of failure.

The Power Intelligence System

A suite of tools empowering reliability through data-driven monitoring

Thermal Imaging Cameras

24/7 monitoring of all your critical equipment and other valuable assets.


PoleVault Rapid Deployment

Streamlined, non-invasive, all-weather remote sensing platform

MasterMind Analytics

Putting it all together: monitoring, data integration, and object classification platform

Neuron Data Collection

 Scalable, Secure Data Collection for Substation CBM Operations