Scan IR 

Intrusion detection and condition-based monitoring in one

Streamline your critical infrastructure security and maintenance


 ScanIR is a patent-pending solution for electrical substations and power generation facilities that generates multiple uses and measurements from single cameras. With ScanIR, military-grade ground surveillance radar and automated condition monitoring work together to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of high-value sensors and systems and deliver unmatched reliability.

A view of thermal condition monitoring (1 & 2) and radar coverage (3). 

ScanIR uses advanced imaging AI algorithms to automatically detect and classify equipment degradation and the presence of intruders in and around critical infrastructure like transformers, circuit breakers, and switching equipment.


Unlimited scenes and virtual cameras

Visible Zoom with IR Illuminator


Supports Manual Inspection Mode


OWL GroundAware Radar Integration


Registers Images for maximum accuracy

500 meter interior & exterior range

Automatic Target Tracking

Object Classification AI



Rapid Deployment

Unlike conventional approaches to both condition monitoring and substation security, ScanIR doesn't require extensive civil engineering and construction costs or physical perimeter construction. Instead, a single radar provides coverage of up to 500 meters inside and outside the substation perimeter. This makes it possible to rapidly deploy the system to electrical substations and switchyards without the need for a scheduled outage or elaborate perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, or perimeter lighting. 

ScanIR provides real-time targeting data to the MasterMind ScanIR processor which coordinates the actions of multiple ScanIR thermal cameras between target tracking and radiometric measurement functions.