Persistent Far
Field Thermography

Long Distance Monitoring

Radiometric analytic thermography

Persistent Far Field Thermography is a method of measuring a devices thermal characteristics from a distance using permanently installed sensors and analytics. Using thermographic cameras and our Mastermind solution, radiometric baselines can be capture at ___ distance.

Traditional near field thermographic reading require cameras close to the heat source. Our analytics software allows for issues to be identified from distant cameras. Gathering and establishing a baseline provides more reliable and earlier detection accuracy then ever before.


More reliable way to detect potential equipment failures

How it Works

PPFT works because...

  • Earlier detection of degrading conditions
  • Significant ROI vs. periodic manual thermography
  • Eliminates need to calculate temperatures
  • Automatically accounts for distance and ambient temperatures, wind speed and more.
  • Provides continuous measurements
  • No outage required for installation.
  • Includes dynamic load and other data info formula.

Intuitive Graphic Interface

Vital information for each data point can be viewed in either a tabular or graphic form. Day trends automatically calculated and stored.

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