PowerCore Monitoring & Analytic Platform

Economical protection of your assetts

Powerfully monitor data from ground sensors, tanks, cameras, lasers, and more in one unified view.

Realtime Thermal and Sensor Fusion Analysis

The PowerCore Platform utilizes AI-enhanced thermal imaging and analysis to collect, store, analyze and share critical performance data.

Every PowerCore installation is custom designed to monitor your most critical apparatus, making it easy to recognize any abnormalities. With retrospective data it reduces false-positive readings saving time and money.

Applicable to any complex, critical infrastructure site,  PowerCore records frame-by-frame thermographic and radiometric data allowing for multiple and precise measurements. These measurements are stored in a database for real-time analysis as well as historical analysis.

Accessible through any secure browser, its intuitive dashboard is a one-stop-shop to visualize full-site health, including thermal inputs, AI-digitized analog gauges, and more.

Patented Technology

Fueled by the newly-patented Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) measurement method, PowerCore synthesizes historic and real-time thermal imaging and other condition data to deliver fast, actionable insights into degrading conditions. SDT PowerCore analysis affordably improves upon periodic measurement with automated continuous monitoring, highlighting developing equipment issues before they fail.

Tested. Proven. Trusted

Trusted by sites like the Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson airport to monitor every switch and splice in its subterranean power delivery network—the world's largest single installation of over 100 thermal cameras providing real-time measurements—PowerCore is a scalable, adaptable enterprise CBM solution with a proven track record of reliability and cost-savings many times the price of the solution.

Adaptable & Scalable

Join data from Power Intelligence's suite of reliability-centered tools—Neuron Field Data Collectors, Scan IR Perimeter Surveillance, Infrared Thermal Cameras, PoleVault, and the PowerVault Underground Transformer System—or any legacy systems already onsite for a holistic view of your most critical assets.



Real-Time date delivered to your desktop.

  • Enhances accuracy in thermographic analysis with automated data processing.
  • Minimizes subjective errors and safety risks in manual inspections.
  • Facilitates proactive maintenance through early anomaly detection capabilities.
  • Automates thermography, reduces manual risks, enhances early failure detection.

What is the Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) Method?

The Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) method enhances automated thermographic analysis, reducing subjectivity and risk associated with manual methods, and automatically compensating for environmental dynamics that increase with distance. It establishes an equipment condition qualitative baseline, leveraging standard deviation and stability measurements over time to detect anomalies. SDT enables automated, accurate assessments from a greater distance than previously possible, facilitating early detection of equipment failures without external adjustments for environmental factors, revolutionizing condition-based monitoring and maintenance practices.

Automatic Monitoring with Alert Notifications

How it Works

Multiple Location Monitoring

Multiple measurement points may be assigned within each scene. Drawing tools allow you to monitor any unique device or spot. Each drawing you create is then continuously measured and recorded. The recordings capture minimum, average, and maximum values, making it simple to review and analyze real-time and retrospective data.

Intuitive Graphic Interface

Vital information for each data point can be viewed in either a tabular or graphic form. Day trends automatically calculated and stored.

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